The initiative to establish The Francis de Sales Scientific Society (TNFS) was presented during the annual meeting of the "Seminare" editors in Popowo on June 18th, 2006. The proposal was favorably received by attendees, after which they designated a workgroup responsible for establishing the Society, drafting the project of the statute, and verifying the legal requirements for the registration of the Society. The workgroup consists of Fr. Stanislaw Chrobak, Fr. Jerzy Gocko, Fr. Sylwester Jedrzejewski, Fr. Kazimierz Misiaszek, Fr. Ryszard Sadowski, and Fr. Henryk Stawniak. Later, on April 23rd, 2007, the designated group met in Lomianki and established that the Society should be registered in the court to be recognized by the law of the Republic of Poland. The project of the statute was discussed and subsequently confirmed to be presented during the founding meeting.

The initiative to establish the Society was favorably received by Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Fr. Pascula Chavez, as well as conferences of Salesian Provinces of Poland and Eastern Europe. During the meeting in Weržej, Slovenia on May 7th, 2007, Father Inspectors approved the proposal and agreed that the "Seminare", up until now published by the Polish Salesian Inspectorship, become the main body of Francis de Sales Scientific Society. On June 8-9th, 2007, at the Salesian house in Polana, the founding meeting along with the meeting of the editorial board of "Seminare" took place. During that meeting, the resolution was passed to establish Francis de Sales Scientific Society; the statute was authorized, and the Executive, Review, and Founding Committee members were chosen. The Founding Committee was accredited to register the Society, which was finalized on October 23rd, 2007 by the decision of the court.

It is our hope that the Salesian communities with their many scientific and educational initiatives will find in the Francis de Sales Scientific Society a support and cooperation which will give rise to new ideas.